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Q. I recently switched my dogs to a raw diet & they throw up bile due to low blood sugar if meal time is late, do you have any suggestions?
About two weeks ago I made the switch over to the raw diet for my 3 dogs. The two older dogs I switched cold turkey but the young malinois I am switching gradually. I am giving them raw veggies & fruits, ground meat, fresh chicken with bones, some yogurt, some cottage cheese, occasional egg. Plus I bought the Honest Kitchen product you add meat to. They love me!!! I have never had this much excitement at meal time. My question is with regards to possible low blood sugar. My two older dogs have had this problem all of their lives. They have always been fed twice a day, and if I am running late they may have an occasional episode of vomiting bile which is quickly relieved by giving them something to eat and they are fine. Since making the switch to raw I have had this happen more often. I work all day so I am not there to add a snack and I feel like the amount of food they are getting should hold them. Do you have any suggestions?

A. I would add digestive enzymes to their meals for a month or so. The vomiting is not usually due to low blood sugar, it's when the stomach is anticipating a meal and it's empty. The bile irritates and they vomit the yellow stuff. I have one dog that does this occasionally if our schedule gets out of whack and meal times are not followed as rigidly.

You could try giving them all a bedtime "snack" of a dollop of yogurt several hours after their normal supper. My parents do this with their Corgi.

The digestive enzyme capsules (one added to each meal) will likely help too.

Cindy Rhodes
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