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Categories: Feeding a Raw Diet , Feeding Dogs

Q. My dog has been raw fed for a while and really doesn't like chicken, he seems to prefer pork, beef & sometimes fish. I don't want to put him back on kibble, do you have any suggestions

I'm trying to find a answer to my GD that has decreased his like in eating raw. He is going to be 3 years old in June. I got him when he was 4 months old as a rescue. He had demodex mange and was yellow from all the mess they had him on trying to treat the mange and his GI problems.

I put him on raw and has been doing great ever since. He was never a big chicken eater. I went through the necks, back, thighs, leg quarters stage. That is he would eat it for a while, then not like it anymore. Tried having back ground for a while mixed with ground beef. Does not like turkey necks. Down to using pork and beef. Does ok with fish.

He gets fed twice a day. At his feeding station. If he does not eat it within a few mins I pick it up and we try again at the next feeding time.

I don't really want to put him on a grain free kibble. I think feeding raw is better.
Any suggestions? I would appreciate greatly.

Thank you

A. If he's not underweight and is healthy (per a vet check up), I wouldn't worry about it. Maybe try cutting him down to one meal a day.

There are plenty of dogs that don't like chicken (or some other protein sources).

He may have reached his full growth now and have a lower caloric requirement, so he's not craving the volume of food he did when he was younger.

Cindy Rhodes

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