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Categories: Leerburg's Video on Demand

Q. Your newsletter videos don't play well for me, but one of your recent ones did. Is there any way your videos could be done in a YouTube format?
Hi Cindy,

Your newsletters are always very informative and helpful. However, I have been unable to play your videos without constant stopping and stuttering until you sent out this video which played perfectly on my computer. I can always play YouTube videos without a problem and other videos sent to me.

1.? Could you please send out videos that play like the 'A Good Explanation of IPO'?

2.? Could your newsletter video clips be in a YouTube type format?

We live in the country in Ontario, Canada and have high speed internet but cable is not available in the countryside. It is a major disappointment not to be able to play and learn from Ed's or Michael Ellis' video clips. Is there a solution?

Hope Leerburg video clip department can help with this problem.

A. Hi,

All of our newsletter videos are available on YouTube as well. They are added there each time a new newsletter comes out. Here's the link to the Leerburg channel.

I hope this helps.
Cindy Rhodes


Hi Cindy

Thank you so much for the link, it works like a charm. Now we can view all the different video clips we thought we had missed. Wonderful news.

Thanks again

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