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Q. We have a adopted a beautiful dog that likes to bite other people. We need help selecting a muzzle.
Hi there,

We have adopted a beautiful dog, who likes to bite other people. In order to protect them and himself (from being destroyed) while we are trying to alter his behavior we are going to try a muzzle.

I?m not sure of the which one to get and ask for your assistance. Also, before proceeding any further, do you post to Australia?

Muzzle size ? nose length from top (just below eyes) to end is 4?, and circum (fairly snug) is 11?. We have tried a plastic muzzle which was not the right fit and he hated it, managed to pull it off, so looking for something comfortable for him, but of a snug fit.

Could you please recommend which style may be the most suitable?

A. We do ship to Australia, we have a large number of customers across the pond. I'm going to send your email to our office staff, they are the experts on muzzle fit and one of them will recommend a size and style for you.

I would also make a couple of suggestions for you along with a muzzle.

I will begin by saying that in EVERY dog aggression situation the solution always involves changing the way the owner lives with his or her dog. Many people mistakenly think the solution is a "lack of dog obedience." For the most part obedience training is only a small part of the solution, changing the way you live with your dog is the most important part.

The majority of the time the real issue is a pack structure or leadership issue. In almost every case these kind of dogs don't respect the rules that the owners expect them to live by, we call them pack structure rules. For example we expect our dogs not to be aggressive to people or dogs.

If pack structure rules are established when a dog is young its always a simple matter to teach the pup. But when an adult dog has gotten by with inappropriate behavior over a period of time it becomes much more difficult to change and the road to change is harder. It can be done but the handler needs to be consistent 100% of the time.

Controlling dogs like yours starts by micro-managing the dogs life. This means using a dog crate and a leash. It can never have free time. The dog is either in the dog crate, dog kennel or on a leash (even in the house). I also suggest that you run this dog through our pack structure program, which can be found at this link and the video that picks up where the article leaves off - Establishing Pack Structure with the Family Dog.

We also have a number of eBooks that may be helpful.

I hope this helps, our office will contact you about the muzzle today. Thanks.



Hi Cindy,

Thank you so much for your email. I totally agree with what you have said as our dog, as beautiful as he is, needs to be corrected constantly if I want to change anything. He no longer pulls on the leash, but I still have to be on top of him, constantly reminding him to get back into the position I want him.

I also had a feeling that it was to do with the pack structure as even though he will train quickly, he seems to think I’m a playmate, mouthing and biting in play, but too hard and doesn’t stop when I want him too.

So, though the suggestion seems hard (yes, I have spoilt him with affection) it is becoming increasingly difficult to leave him anywhere (well we can’t) and have to tie him up when visitors arrive so they don’t get bitten. We don’t want to face a situation of having to put him down because he has bitten someone, which seems to be out of his view that he needs to protect us.

I will definitely look on your website for the pack structure program.

Thanks again for your help.
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Establishing Pack Structure with the Family Pet
Establishing Pack Structure with the Family Pet
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