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Q. I recently switched my dogs to a raw diet and they are itching. Could they be allergic to chicken?

I recently switched my 2 GSDs (a male, 3 years old & a female, 10 months) to a raw diet. It's been 3 weeks now. I have no issues w/poop, etc. Both love it. My 3 year old's teeth are already white again! And his coat is softer & shinier. I feel pretty confident in my meal prep, but I do have a question? Have you heard of dogs being allergic to chicken? I ask, because both are scratching like crazy, especially at night. Today I remembered that when I got the male, the breeder had him on a chicken based kibble. As a puppy he scratched & scratched (there's definitely no fleas), around 1 year old, I switched him to a bison based kibble & the itching/scratching went away. The female started on the bison so never had a scratching issue. Now that I'm feeding raw, and these past 3 weeks primarily chicken (just started to add pork to it) they both are itching?? If so, I don't think I can afford to feed raw. Where I live, Southern CA, there are no butchers & no hunters... unlike WI.


A. Some dogs are sensitive to chicken but more often it's that the chicken has some additives in it that the dog may react to. Check the labels of the chicken you are purchasing, many of them have "added solution" in the ingredient list. I will only feed chicken that has no added solution.

Cindy Rhodes

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