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Q. I started the raw diet about a month ago and my dogs are doing well except that they eat very fast & swallow their food whole. Is there any way to get them to slow down?
I have 2 huskies, one is 10 months old and the other is 2 months. I started feeding them raw chicken necks and backs about a month ago and they took to it well, but they eat it too fast. They're eating the necks whole without chewing and they can down 3 necks in matter of seconds. Any way to get them to slow down?

A. I would either feed larger pieces that force them to chew or grind their food. It’s actually normal for dogs to bolt their food down, but if the food you are feeding is a choking hazard I’d recommend grinding or feeding chunks too big to swallow without a lot of chewing.

If you don’t have these books, I’d suggest adding them to your library... Raw Dog Food and Natural Nutrition for Dogs & Cats. We used to give both these books to our puppy customers and rarely had questions about the diet. One of the newer feeding books we offer is Raw & Natural Nutrition for Dogs. This title covers homemade cooked & raw diets complete with recipes. I highly recommend all these books.

Cindy Rhodes

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