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Q. Will a raw diet change my dog's mood or make him aggressive? If my 3 year old son falls and bleeds, will my dog be attracted to his wound?
Hi. I have a 10 month old BOERBOEL. I feed him premium dog food but he looks skinny around the hip. I am thinking of the raw diet but, will this change his moods and get aggressive? I have a 3 year old boy that plays with him. If my boy falls and bleeds, will this attract the dog to his wound?

A. It's a wives tale that feeding a dog a raw diet attracts them to blood or makes them aggressive. I would suggest reading as much as you can and having reference materials on hand before taking the plunge into changing your dog's diet.

Here is a Q&A section on raw feeding.

The best books for learning about the raw diet are Raw Dog Food and Natural Nutrition for Dogs & Cats. We give both these books to our puppy customers and rarely have questions about the diet. One of the newer feeding books we offer is Raw & Natural Nutrition for Dogs. This title covers homemade cooked & raw diets complete with recipes. I highly recommend all these books.

Cindy Rhodes

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