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Q. Will Grand Flex help my GSD's digestive issues?
Hi Cindy,

My GSD has had a hard time keeping a solid stool and she does not digest chicken at all. I have had her on a diet of Orijen fish food and she can keep a semi soft stool.

My questions is, will grand flex upset her tummy?


A. I honestly don't know if your dog will tolerate this or not, every dog is different. Some of my dogs have had some gas issues on Grand Flex. When I have a dog with a sensitive system I introduce any changes very gradually. Think a tiny sprinkle on the food for a number of days and then gradually increase.

Have you had your dog's pancreatic enzyme levels checked? If a dog can't digest their food properly I always feel that exocrine pancreatic insufficiency should be ruled out. You can ask your vet to run a TLI test.

I hope this helps.

Cindy Rhodes
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