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Categories: Neutering

Q. Why does your webpage say that you think neutering is bad for a dog's health? Shame on you!
Why on earth does your page say that you think neutering is bad for a dog's health? Suggesting to owners that they shouldn't neuter is totally irresponsible given the global problem of strays and unwanted pets being pts [put to sleep]. There is a dog welfare crisis in every country which isn't helped by this kind of misguided advice. Breeders likewise are responsible for much of this overpopulation and owners should be encouraged to adopt a rescue dog rather than buy from someone who's purely profit-driven. Shame on you!

A. Neutering (specifically early neutering) is detrimental to a dog's long term health and development. We haven't bred a litter in over 6 years but even if we were still breeding that doesn't change the science behind why removing a dog's ovaries and testes is NOT recommended. We are huge proponents of rescue, we are regular contributors to our local animal shelters (both dog, cat and horse rescue organizations) 

I respect your opinion but would also recommend you do a little more research about the actual facts before trying to shame us. Bottom line is the irresponsible people who are allowing their dogs to breed indiscriminately are probably not going to spay or neuter anyway nor will they likely be looking to us for advice. We suggest waiting for a neuter/spay until the dog is physically and mentally mature UNLESS the owners are unable or unwilling to prevent accidental breeding. I personally won't ever spay or neuter my own dogs unless there is a medical necessity to do so. It's not difficult to prevent accidental breedings. 

Please watch this:
Dr. Karen Becker is a very well respected veterinarian and she may make this more clear to you. 

Cindy Rhodes

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