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Categories: Health

Q. Do you have experience with surgical intervention for a puppy with hip dysplasia?
Hi Cindy,

My 6 month old female GSD has been diagnosed with CHD. The x-rays have been confirmed by another vet as being good, reliable x-rays, and he also says that our dog?s hips are "poor" and will need surgery.

One vet wants to do Triple Pelvic Osteotomy (TPO) and the other vet wants to do a FHO ? Femoral Head Ostectomy.

Do you have experience or knowledge about these two procedures? Both break my heart to think about them. The FHO seems to be less traumatic and have a quicker recovery time. When the femoral head is removed and there is no bone rubbing against the socket, there is no opportunity for arthritis, and that sounds good.

I know our dog?s gait will be abnormal to some degree with the FHO. She will be spayed and we never had any intention of showing her. We?re interested in the best quality of life with the least pain for the future.

Thanks so much for your thoughts. I hope everything is going well at Leerburg.

A. Hi,

I don’t have experience with either procedure in a young dog. I’ve seen a few adults that have had FHO, they were a bit "off" on one side but didn’t seem to be bothered by it at all.

I think if she was my dog, I’d get a third opinion before making a final decision. 

Cindy Rhodes
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