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Q. I'm interested in starting my puppy on a raw diet. Are the books you recommend up to date?
Hey Cindy.

I have a little puppy for 2 months now. I am feeding kibble but i noticed that her breath is getting smellier and smellier each day. So, I've been reading the eBook of yours about feeding a raw diet and I feel like giving it a shot. I noticed that you recommend two books. Are they still up to date? Or should I be reading something else? I need to study a bit though, since I am studying food science and technology and know what the effects of microorganisms are and how bad they can be for our health. For example Cl. Botulinum produces a toxin 2kg of which can wipe out the entire humanity. I am aware of the effects that heat treatment and/or dehydration has on the nutritional value of the food, etc. But I need to get convinced.

Also, does the diet of a dog affect how the dog's whole body and coat smells?

Thanks a lot for your time and efforts. Thanks for educating us about our beloved friends.

A. These books are up to date and contain very good info. Raw Dog Food and Natural Nutrition for Dogs & Cats. We give both these books to our puppy customers and rarely have questions about the diet. One of the newer feeding books we offer is Raw & Natural Nutrition for Dogs. This title covers homemade cooked & raw diets complete with recipes. I highly recommend all these books.

The diet affects the whole dog, teeth, coat, performance, health, etc.. my dogs don't have an odor at all (unless they roll in something icky). I'm always surprised how people think dogs that smell "doggy" are normal... a healthy dog doesn't have an unpleasant odor.

We also have a very good video produced by our veterinarian, Dr. Levy. Dr. Levy's website as well.

Good luck!

Cindy Rhodes

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