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Q. I want to use a prong collar on my dog but I'm worried I'll never be able to switch him back to a flat buckle collar after I use it. Is it possible to easily make this transition?
Hi there,

I want to use a prong collar on my dog but I am worried I will never be able to switch him off of it. I see it all the time, owners slap on a prong collar (even fitting it correctly) but the dog spends its whole life time using the prong collar because it won't walk appropriately on a flat buckle.

I, personally, would be more satisfied with my dog's training if he did not require the use of one his whole life. So is it possible to easily transition? How would you switch to a flat buckle collar?


A. Have you even started using the prong collar yet? If not, I believe you are getting way ahead of yourself.

I would focus more on clear training for your dog with the tools you need and not worry about what may or may not be in the future. If your training is clear and the dog is engaged and has FULL understanding of what you are asking in all situations (even distractions) then you should be able to transition to not using it. I can't tell you how to switch because that really all depends on your dog, your skill, your timing, your clarity and the dog's drive, temperament and clarity of the exercises you have trained.

Unless your dog is a competition dog there is really no reason to worry about this. Take the time to do the training properly without worrying about some kind of time frame for getting rid of the tools.

Cindy Rhodes
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