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Q. Are cheaper, older chicken backs with extra parts ok to feed or should I spend a little more for a younger bird?

Thanks for your previous help. Here is my question.

I switched to RAW 2 weeks ago and am having no problems at this time. The question is about the chicken I am feeding. I have 2 local sources, one sells leg quarters for .59 per pound. They appear to be fresh, young chicken quarters, not frozen, with no back or other parts attached. The second source sells them frozen for .39 per pound. These are larger with pieces of back and often small bits of liver attached. They are probably retired layer hens and somewhat old, The skin is slightly yellow and some bruising is evident. If they are older birds then they have been fed much more chemicals and hormones than the others. I'm told these addatives build up and are stored in the bone. Is this a concern and which one would you recommend? Thanks


A. You have to feed what you are comfortable with, if you are worried about feeding the cheaper/older birds then don’t use them. For only .20/lb it isn’t worth it.

I don’t feed much poultry to my own dogs because they have sensitivities to it, but in moderation a few older birds now and then isn’t going to make much difference. A steady diet of questionable meat should be avoided.

I hope this helps.

Cindy Rhodes
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