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Q. Every time I give my German Shepherd a bone to chew on he gets diarrhea. Can you suggest something for him to chew on that won’t upset his stomach?
Every time I give my German Shepherd a large bone to chew on from the local pet store it gives him major diarrhea. I give him these to keep him busy when I go to work or when I am busy and don't have time to play to keep him busy. He loves them and enjoys holding on to them while chewing on them. What is an alternative or what can I give him to prevent his stomach from getting upset and he still be able to enjoy his bones? I even tried what is called Busy Bones and they do the same thing. I need help because when I am at work he won't play with his toys to keep himself occupied.

A. I don't give cooked bones (which the bones from the pet store likely are). I use raw bones I get from my butcher shop, but if you have a dog that has a sensitive GI tract you will want to give these in moderation until you see how they affect your dog. I would only give the bone for 5 minutes at a time over a few days and see how he does. If he does ok, then increase the time GRADUALLY.

You may also want to consider some type of treat toy that you can load with food that you know won't upset his gut. My dogs all love these treat toys.

Cindy Rhodes


Thanks Cindy!

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