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Categories: Training With Food

Q. My 8 month old puppy bites my hand when I try to lure him like the dogs in the video The Power of Training with Food. Any advice?
I have watched the video on training with food with Michael Ellis. The dogs follow the food with their noses and push into his hand but my 8 mo. old GSD bites and gnaws at my hand when I try to lure him. I have practiced holding the food in the correct way etc. but can't get him to stop biting my hand and instead just follow/be lured by my hand.

Any advice?


A. I see you just got the video. Typically you need to practice holding and delivering the food without expecting luring right away. It's a learned skill for both you and the dog. If you are trying to lure the dog straight away and not rewarding him instantly of course a dog new to this will bite at your hand because they don't understand the expectations you have.

Hold and deliver the food without expecting him to push at your hand at first, then gradually increase your time holding the food back. Make sure you NEVER let him get the food by biting or you have effectively taught him that biting is how it works. It can take a long time (days or weeks) til you get your dog to lure by pushing into the hand.


Thanks Cindy! I have done just one training session of only delivering the food (no movement) and increasing the time I hold the food by a fraction of a second at a time and his open mouth type biting is already decreasing.
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