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Categories: Leerburg Online University , Leerburg's Video on Demand

Q. What is the difference between a Video On Demand Stream and an Online Course?

A. This is a question we get quite often.

By definition, the video on demand stream is simply a stream of exactly what is on a DVD. DVD’s are limited to how much video content will fit on a DVD disk. Usually 3 to 3 ½ hours is the limit. Online courses have no limit to the content. A perfect example is our online scent detection course has 24+ hours of training information.

In addition, it is way easier to find and review content in an online course than it is to find material in a DVD or a video stream. One only needs to try to find 3 or 4 minutes of video content in the middle of a 3 hour DVD or video stream; it will drive you nuts going forward and backward with your DVD player to find what you want.

Our online courses are organized into modules, and then segments to a module. It only takes seconds to find and review material in an online course.

We do have a nice feature in our video streams called “NOTES”. This is very similar to a post-it note or bookmark. The viewer can pause the stream at any point in the video. When they click the NOTE tab they get a pop-up in which they can write comments on why they paused the stream at that point. There can be as many notes as you want in a stream. Then, when the viewer comes back in a week or a year, they can see their list of notes (with descriptions). If they click on any note the video stream will instantly start t play from that point. This also makes reviewing much easier (assuming the trainer creates a series of NOTES).

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