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Q. What characteristics you would advise looking for in a PTSD service dog prospect in a litter of pups?

I was wondering what characteristics you would advise looking for in a PTSD service dog prospect in a litter of pups? I?ve selected an outstanding breeder, whose previous litters had pups that went on to successfully complete service dog training, so there?s a history showing promise in genetics. So as far as temperament, what specifically would you look for if you were choosing an ideal candidate?

Thanks so much!

A. No matter what type of "work" I plan on doing with a dog if I am picking out a puppy I look for good structure, confidence, affinity for people, I like to see good food/toy drive and I look at the parents, grandparents and any adult siblings. Since your breeder has produced the type of dog you are looking for then they would be your most valuable resource.


Awesome! Thank you so much!
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