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Q. I already own the video Raising Your Puppy with Michael Ellis and I’m interested in the 5 day Puppy Development workshop. Can I audit this course before buying to make sure I am not paying for content I already have?
I am interested in ordering the Michael Ellis puppy workshop course. I own a copy of Michael Ellis Raising Your Puppy course and am concerned the workshop may contain a bulk of information I already have. Is there a way for me to audit the course before purchasing it? Due to the price of the course, I want to make sure I am not paying a huge premium for content I already have.

A. I'm sorry but we don't offer auditing prior to purchase. The course you already have will have some overlap with the puppy development video/course because it's Michael's methods of puppy raising. The puppy development course is all the lecture and puppy work from a 5 day class we attended last summer so there is a lot more content and puppy owners with their untrained pups.

As a student of Michael's myself, and having trained with him for the last 14 or 15 years with my personal dogs I will say that I've attended the same courses over and over, and picked up something new each and every time. I think sometimes it's helpful to hear the same concepts presented different ways to students other than myself to sink in.

The $400 5 day puppy development online workshop is over 20 hours of video content from a course that cost the in-person attendees $1000 to attend at Michael’s school in California. I hope this helps.


Hey Cindy,

Thanks for your feedback! I am glad to hear that.
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