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Q. I have a couple of questions in reference to using a clicker and having a set schedule and outline for training my pup.
Id like to ask a couple training questions:

- Can you use the clicker and 'yes' together to mark? ie. Dog's butt hits the ground, you "click", then say "yes" pause and feed? Is this ok?

- Are there there certain commands where the clicker is better than 'yes'?

- Can I mix up training during day - start sit, then move on to down, move on to - stand. Mix in 'nose' or 'place'...then go back - all while being different timings of trainings and not confuse the dog? If no, then how long do you stay at one command before moving on to another?

- Do you have a SET SCHEDULE you can send me of learning the commands..1) on this 2 days, them move on to abc - do for a day, then do this XXX for another day, etc?

A. You could use clicker and yes together but it's better for the dog to use them separately.

I find clicker is better for commands where I want my dog to not be totally focused on me. I use a clicker when I will be encouraging the dog to work away from me and figure things out. (for free shaping a behavior, etc) I use yes when I want the dog to access the reward from my hand. I find YES is much more convenient for me because I am notorious for forgetting my clicker somewhere :)

I always mix up my training so my dogs don't get bored with working on the same things in the same order. all training is dog dependent though, some dogs start figuring out a pattern if you always do things in the same order and I want to avoid that. I want then actually listening and engaged with me, not simply running through the list because I've been too predictable.

There is no set schedule I can offer (we get this question a LOT) , we have a short video here on why we don't use or give timelines. Training depends so much on your dog's motivation, your goals and your skill and consistency as a trainer.
Click here to watch the video.

You may want to check out the new workshop we released online recently, we had Michael Ellis here for 3 days and filmed the entire event. Based on your questions I think you. would get a lot out of it. It was such great info and everyone learned so much.


THANK YOU SO MUCH. I am on your 3rd video pre puppy - just started the intermediate. II just brought my new puppy home this past all is new for her/I just now. (Belgium Tervuren) - 9 weeks old. I love Michael Ellis - I was starting with Ed Frawley's videos first (which has you in there a lot)..Ill definitely watch that link above - THANK YOU. Im overwhelmed right now..she is doing great. Your videos are all amazing..I highly recommend. Hoping my puppy will be like Meru, Rush and one day "Pi"? in my dreams maybe..but we will see. :-}
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