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Categories: Bottle Feeding

Q. My dog just had puppies and the vet's recommendations don't seem to be helping. Help!

I had my first (and last) litter of pups on Thursday 7/2. I had a total of 6. Today 7/7 I have a total of three left. I am a very emotional person since I can't have kids I consider my dogs my babies, I didn't intend on breeding my dogs but it just happened. I have been to the vet er three times this week and I am 700 dollars in the hole to pups that I am not even keeping (so my husband says). They had there tails docked because they are rottweilers. The vet is telling me the other vet I took them to didn't leave the clamp on long enough so I have them on an antibiotic for an open wound. Also I am giving them injections under the skin every twelve hours to keep them hydrated, they eat 6-9 ml every 2 hours of esbilac and are loosing weight, they seem to have a sugar problem to because the vet keeps giving them dextrose and I have to put kayro on there tongue, I have been doing this twice a day, they have not defecated in almost 48 hours and the vet doesn't seem to worried about this. I have only slept 12 hours since they were born 5 days ago and I am almost loosing my mind, stimulating them isn't working and momma doesn't have mammary glands to produce milk for them so its up to me, PLEASE if you have any suggestions I would love to hear them, they all are around 330 grams of weight and not getting bigger.


A. Read the article on my web site on bottle feeding – READ THE EMAILS FROM PEOPLE THIS ARTICLE HAS HELPED.

Esbilac is a useless product. I don’t mean a little useless – its dog shit useless. Use my home made formula – then sit back and watch what happens. Do it exactly like I outline. If the pups are dehydrated – add a little more water.

Depending on the dogs current situation you may have to continue sub-que fluids. I cannot tell you to stop this and I have no idea what conditions you are facing.

Ed Frawley


You are a life saver, I am on the fourth feeding since 1am when I ran to walmart to get everything I needed, they have all defecated and are trying to stand on their back legs (I guess they don't know there not supposed to yet,) there tongues are pink and skin is falling back down better than it has in 5 days, I added a little more water to the recipe to hydrate them a little more since they were on the IVs and this morning I didn't give them their injection because they looked fantastic. My female that was in the worst shape of her life seems healthier than the other 2, (I am keeping her I just can't part with her we have been through allot this week) I am concerned with one thing, I am feeding every 3 hours know and they are eating 18 ml this is way over the daily amount you recommend for an 8oz pup, is that ok, The vet called me this morning to check on them, once I told them I changed them to a homemade formula, she basically said OH NO put them back on the esbilac, you are not helping them you are hurting them, well I am not going back to that vet again.

Thanks again,
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