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Categories: Bottle Feeding

Q. My store did not have the canned goats milk but did have a carton of cold pasteurized goats milk with added Vit D. Is that fine to use?
I just wanted to say Thank You for your Puppy Milk Replacer Recipe. My Parson Russell Terrier had her 4th litter 6 days early. All 5 puppies looked and seemed full term and weighed in well. However the mom has not been producing milk like she normally does and the puppies began losing weight. I began supplementing with store bought Esbilac Puppy Milk Replacer. I had to pretty much force the puppies to take the bottle and dribble it into their mouths. On the 3rd day one of the pups went downhill really fast and I kept it under my shirt and eye-droppered Pedialite every hour through the night. We took him to our vet first thing and he had an abdominal blockage and was euthanized. My vet examined my female and administered Oxytocin and I was instructed to give two more shots over the course of the day. We have had her on a high protein diet consisting of Chicken Soup Puppy Food, Boiled chicken, Cottage Cheese, and Vit B supplements. Still she has very little milk production. So I have continued supplementing the remaining 4 pups and they continually fight the bottle feeding. So I got online and ran across your web site about bottle feeding puppies. I just went to the store and bought the ingredients to make your suggested recipe. After a small drop of it was squeezed into their mouth EVERY puppy latched onto the nipple and drank until their bellies were round and tight. This is the first time I have seen them so content and still. THANK YOU for sharing your great knowledge!!

I do have one question, I think I know the answer but want to confirm. My store did not have the canned goats milk but did have a carton of cold pasteurized goats milk with added Vit D. Is that fine to use? I would much rather use goats milk then the Evaporated Milk.


A. Sandra,

That would be fine – also give your female a can of chicken broth every day – the more liquids she drinks the more milk she produces.

Good luck with the pups.

Ed Frawley
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