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Q. After showing the formula to the vet I was told to be careful of the egg because of salmonella is she just being DUMB AND DUMBER?
Mr. Frawley,

I had to get my two cents in after reading all of the email letters and your replies that you have on your site.

Our Australian Shepard had her puppies August 7th, 2009 after going to the vet because I was getting worried about Lady. She wasn't due until August 9th. The vet did his exam and did x-rays for me. And we estimated about 6 to 9 puppies. Lady was going through Stage 1 of labor since Wednesday night and easing off then, more Stage 1 of labor Thursday. So, on the way home after stopping by the pet store to get formula and bottles she had a pup in the truck en route home. (Not even a ten minute drive!) Lady had a total of 8 puppies and 3 didn't make it. And we lost one more before Xena turned 24 hours old.

Now mind you I have two females and this wasn't my first litter of pups. The father is also an Aussie and he is the father of this litter also. Lady's age, size, and the size of the litter didn't help! But I have had large litters before, should be no problem, boy was I wrong. We almost lost another pup. I had been weighing the pups so I knew he was losing weight and he was off to the side of Lady and he was cool. I knew I needed to start bottle feeding and had no idea on how much to give or how often. So I started looking on the Internet and your sight was the first one I went to. I really would like to Thank You for all the information that you have provided. Because of that extra help the remaining four puppies have been thriving and only three of them have to be "helped" with eating. I had talked to my husband and told him I was running to the store to get the ingredients and started feeding them your formula when they weren't even 48 hours old. (And coming home and having to give one of the pups Karo syrup to help him survive!)

After bottle feeding them Lady is doing just fine nursing them and we don't have to feed them too often. I am very pleased with their weight gain and they are still nursing from mom and being bottle fed with the formula after that mad to the store really early in the morning. I wanted to personally Thank You for your life saving tips!!

I do have a couple of questions for you, my problem was Lady was getting up and with her nails sliced open one of the puppies. I took her to the vet and she was stitched up and is on antibiotics. Monday Lady cleaned the pup and took the stitches out after two days (took the pup on Saturday to the vet for the stitches). I called the vets office and took her in to be restitched up but because of an infection in the wound they couldn't stitch her back up. The wound is close to her back leg and is getting bigger. I am using 0.9% Sodium Chloride Irrigation, USP to clean the wound as I was told two to three times a day. Actually I am cleaning it every three to four hours. What can be used to cover and help it from getting bigger? Any suggestions or ideas? My other question is after showing the formula to the vet I was told to be careful of the egg because of salmonella is she just being DUMB AND DUMBER? I figure that if you have been using this milk formula for years was the vet just being closed minded.

I wanted to add my praise for all the help that I have received from you and your years of experience and once again tell you Thank You!


A. The question on the wound is a question for your vet.

The issue of the eggs is an example of a vet who needs more education on dogs diets. Dogs are not affected by salmonella like humans – have you ever seen the disgusting things dogs will get into and eat – or what wolves and foxes eat outside. They don’t get salmonella poisoning.

Go to my web site and read the Q&A on feeding a raw diet – the article my wife wrote. It should be required reading in Vet school. The article in on this web page.

Good luck with your pups.

Ed Frawley
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