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Categories: Bottle Feeding

Q. We have recently found out that we are expecting a very large litter. Any advice?
Hello My Frawley,

We have recently found out that we are expecting a very large litter (15) English Mastiffs. We have searched and searched for a proper supplement, figuring momma is gonna need some help. Any advice? :) We think your formula looks the best and appreciate all the testimonials posted on your website. Thank you.


A. I have bred close to 400 litters in the last 35 years. The formula is good or the best I have seen. It's not as good as mom.

If you want my advice – identify the pups with colored yarn. Get a gram scale. Start weight charts from day one. Weigh the pups twice a day. Write it down. Rotate the pups onto nipple at least 10 times a day. Put the smallest on first every time. If you over do the bottle feeding the pups lose their sucking instinct. Be careful.

Cross your finger and prepare for the worst. Welcome to my world. It’s not easy and only those who have walked in my footsteps understands those words.

Ed Frawley
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Puppy Tube Feeding Kit
Feeding tube is 16 inches long (41cm) and approximately 3/32 inches (2.7mm) outside diameter. It is best to store your feeding tube and syringe at normal room temperature. In colder temperatures the feeding tube will become rigid and stiff. At body temperature, the tube becomes softer, resilient, and completely flexible. Syringe is 35cc and attaches to the integral funnel end of the feeding tube. The opposite end of the feeding tube has a closed rounded tip with 2 side port 'eyes'.


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