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Categories: Bottle Feeding

Q. I'm using your bottlefeeding formula and I'm having a hard time getting the hole in the nipple the right size. Would a Y slit work??
I have a litter of Shepherd pups that need to be supplemented. I have used your formula in he past and was very happy with it. he pups are 4 days old & just haven't been gaining much weight. I fed half of them a bottle last night & they gained anywhere from 50g to 90g! compared to 0g to 15g for the pups I didn't give a bottle to! (pretty convincing for me to help he mom feed them all).

My question is about bottle nipples. I know that you use Playtex bottles & those are the ones I use, too. but, I am having a hard time getting the hole in the nipple he correct size. I saw hat Playtex offers a silicone nipple specifically for cereal, a 'Y' slit in it, and wondered what you thought about using that one.

Thank You for your help!


A. That nipple probably has too big of a hole in it. All you can do is try putting different size holes in the nipples until you get one right. I know it can be kind of frustrating. I've had good luck poking several small holes in one of the Playtex nurser nipples.
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