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Categories: Bottle Feeding

Q. I have a litter of 3 American Bulldog pups that are 2 days old. They are quiet, warm, nursing, and seem plenty strong but they are skinny. Do you have any suggestions?

I came across your site searching for a formula to supplement puppies. I have a litter of 3 American Bulldog pups that are 2 days old. They are quiet... warm... and nursing, seem plenty strong but they are the skinniest most drawn up puppies I have ever seen. I can see their backbones and every rib, and their stomachs are really drawn up and gaunt... I have tried to express milk from the mother and I only get a very small amount. I am torn on the idea of starting to supplement feed with a bottle as they ARE quiet and seem content. They again however look AWFUL... I weighed them yesterday but haven't today as they were moving around so much I had a difficult time getting any kind of accuracy... Do you have any suggestions?


A. I’d make sure to weigh them twice a day with a gram scale, ounces isn’t accurate enough. I would supplement them with the formula too, until they get a bit of weight on them.

Here’s the bottlefeeding page. All the info you need is on this page, including weight charts.
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Puppy Tube Feeding Kit
Feeding tube is 16 inches long (41cm) and approximately 3/32 inches (2.7mm) outside diameter. It is best to store your feeding tube and syringe at normal room temperature. In colder temperatures the feeding tube will become rigid and stiff. At body temperature, the tube becomes softer, resilient, and completely flexible. Syringe is 35cc and attaches to the integral funnel end of the feeding tube. The opposite end of the feeding tube has a closed rounded tip with 2 side port 'eyes'.


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