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Categories: Bottle Feeding

Q. I’m using your formula for a litter of boxer pups and after I’m done feeding them formula comes out through their noses. Am I overfeeding them?
I emailed you regarding your formula a couple of times.... I have fed my pups it now for about 2 weeks, they are 3 weeks old tomorrow. I have one concern though. I have had them checked for cleft palates, and they dont have any. But when I feed them the formula, all but one pup (out of 4) burps it up thru their nose a few minutes after they have eaten, been burped and put back in the puppy box for a nap. Sometimes it comes out pretty good. This is really concerning me... and my dumb vet told me it made no sense to him why it would do that if they dont have a cleft palate.

So, I am on here tonight checking to see if I am overfeeding them.....IF I am doing my math, they are not eating what the "rule of thumb"is. My 4 pound boxers are eating about 20-25cc.... and my 2 pound boxer girl is anywhere from 15-20cc. thats every 3 hours. So, i dont think I am over-feeding them....and they act like they could eat more sometimes... although not always. Is there any explaination as to why it keeps coming out of their noses??

I could see if it was only one pup.... but its 3 out of 4.

Thank you for your time~


A. If you are using a bottle my first guess would be that the nipple holes are too big and they are getting some formula in their lungs, and it’s coming back up and out their nose. Do they sound rattly at all when they breathe?

This can be pretty serious as they can become very ill with aspiration pneumonia. You can do a google search on aspiration pneumonia puppies and there are different articles about this. Actually in bottle fed or hand reared pups it’s not all that uncommon, I can’t believe your vet would not have suggested it.

Good luck with them. Cindy
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