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Categories: Bottle Feeding

Q. We have one 'runt' that we have on your formula. How often should we feed him? Should start on solid food? My vet says feed every 3 hours, but his appetite has dwindled since.
You provided us with some great advice a couple weeks back, and I am hoping you can help us again. We have a litter of Corgi pups, 4 weeks old on monday. We have one "runt" that we have on your formula. He is about a week behind the other pups developmentally, and has had a few close calls. He opened his eyes a week after others, etc. His lungs are a bit harsh, and the end of last week, he was battling an upper respiratory condition. This seems to be resolving. My concern is how often to feed him, and what? Mom's milk (she is not real eager to do this, but will), formula, or start on solid food? My vet says feed every 3 hours, but his appetite is not what it was a few days ago-I think every 3 hrs may be to often? Please help-thanks.

A. We would be using our formula – at 4 weeks we would be putting small pieces of raw hamburger in the formula. And letting him lap it from a bowl. If we were concerned we would be feeding him 4 or 5 times a day and then let the mom have what he doesn’t eat (she needs to recover from the litter so the additional food isn’t going to hurt her. Over a period of 2 weeks we would wean the pup off the formula and onto the hamburger. We don’t feed kibble – we only feed a raw all natural diet. You can read about it on the web site. Cindy has written a Q&A section that’s better than any book I have seen. Regards, Ed Frawley
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