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Categories: Bottle Feeding

Q. My dog had 3 pups and they all appear very healthy. She has ever since the delivery, refused to clean the sacs from or even feed them on her own. What to do?
Dear Sir,

I have a mastiff and she is 24 mons. and had just delivered a litter on 10/06/2010. She had 3 puppies and they all appear very healthy. She has from the time of delivery refused to clean the sacs from the pups or even feed them on her own. I have her bedding down every two hours to feed the babies and she doesn't seem to mind as long as I stay with her. I have looked at your feeding formula and have considered this should she refuse to do for them under my comand. I am seeing a few things that are worring me tho and would like to address them with you. First she seems to be low on milk supply for them and I see the pups going from nipple to nipple to feed and the feeding process takes 1/2 hour or so to complete. Is there I way I can help her to increase her milk supply? Second thing is I have 2 of the 3 pups screaming when they are removed from her and placed back into there box. I am unable to leave her alone with them because if she is not watched she kicks them away and we are worried about her hurting them. As soon as I place them back with her the are quiet again. I try to leave them spend as much time with her under my watch as possible but I also have a bunch of children and are unable to be with her all day. Is it ok to let them cry or what is the best way to handle this. This is her first litter and I will not leave her have another. We look forward to hearing from you and have enjoyed you web site and the info you offer is outstanding. Thanks for your time and may God be with you.


A. Take the females temp. Normal is 101 degrees. If she gets to 103 you need to get her to the vet and get her on Antibiotics.

If she does not have a temperature then you are right she should never breed this female again. Spay her.

If the pups are not getting enough food – follow the information on my homemade bottle formula. Whatever you do, NEVER use the crap that Vets sell. It kills puppies.

Ed Frawley
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