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Categories: Protection Training - Adult Dogs

Q. Do you consider the Bouvier Des Flanders a breed for personal protection?
Hi Cindy,

Reading your website I see the importance of the dog having defense genetics, I have just received my third Bouvier (4 y.o.male) and am considering personal protection training for him, to protect our home.

Do you consider the Bouvier Des Flanders a good breed for this?

A. Personal protection dogs need to have specific traits, and just because a dog is (or is not) a specific breed it’s no guarantee that the dog can do the job.

All German Shepherds are not suitable for police work, all Labs are not suitable for hunting, etc…. It’s really a matter of each individual.

If you like Bouviers, then I would find someone reputable in your area to evaluate the dog. A 4 year old dog is completely physically and mentally mature so you should get a good idea of whether or not he has potential.

A Bouv would not be MY first choice for a protection dog, but that doesn’t mean your dog doesn’t have potential.

Good luck!

Cindy Rhodes
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