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Categories: Electric Collar Training

Q. I recently purchased a jumping problem, now I'm wondering if it can also be used to help a barking problem or do I need the No Bark Collar? What do you recommend?
Your videos, toys, vitamins, leashes and collars, Cindy's raw diet instructions - everything! - have helped me over the past 3 years to make my Lab Jake the healthy dog and wonderful buddy he is to me. I have one area in which I need your help - unnecessary barking.

He is trained beautifully (by me) with the help of your videos, but I have this one problem; he seems to forget that I am the pack leader when he wants me to himself, and he gets possessive and demanding through barking.

If I am playing with him at the beach, and I want to rest or talk to people, he stands in front of me and barks. (I ignore him but it is really annoying to listen to.) If I am outside talking to a neighbor, he stands there and barks. When I greet a visitor at my house and talk, he stands there and barks. When I am preparing his food, he stands there and barks and wakes up the rest of the house. If I am sitting in a chair and he wants to play, what else? He stands there and barks. The barking is only connected to me; he does not stand in the yard alone and bark.

I bought the dogtra e-collar to correct his jumping --- it worked. My questions now:

1. Most important, can I use my electric collar to train him not to bark, or do I need to buy a barking collar?
2. In your video, your command is Recall: "Come....(no response) NO, STIMULATE (response), good dog. Jumping: "OFF STIMULATE (dog gets down) good dog."
Do you have a suggestion to use for barking to get him to stop? I am afraid that if I use only NO, that he will not connect it to the barking since, as you say, we do use NO for other behaviors.
3. When I have the right words, do I follow the instructions on your DVD for excessive barking too, even though it isn't used on the DVD as a bad behavior?

I enjoy the training and will follow whatever suggestions you can give me. Thank you for everything.


A. I would definitely use the electric collar on a nick setting to stop the barking. He’s doing this as a dominant behavior, just like jumping.

I would give him an alternate behavior to do in order to teach him to make different choices. His barking has obviously been rewarding to him all this time, or he would not keep doing it. I would say NO (or you could use the word QUIET), use the correction and then tell him to sit or down. When he does the sit or down, then he gets praise and attention.

I would not let him get away with the demanding barking at all, anymore. I think since he is already ecollar savvy, this will make sense to him very quickly.


Hi Cindy, Just wanted to tell you that you were absolutely right about Jake and the collar. I used the nick only 3 times in 2 days, and he got the message! Now, when I say "Quiet," he immediately stops barking and sits right in front of me like a gentleman! :)

He sits and waits patiently (no barking anymore) when I'm getting his food ready (raw diet, of course!) or talking to someone. Also, when I'm playing with him and then stop, he just stays around me and noses his toys without barking. I can't believe it; I am shocked. Thought it would take much longer. Once again, thank you for your wonderful expertise.

I just recommended your site, DVDs, toys, vitamins, everything Leerburg! to someone who recently got a second dog (puppy) that is expected to weigh 150# when full grown. Told him that I owe everything to you guys. I hope to meet you sometime. We'd like to get our next dog from you!


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