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Categories: Electric Collar Training

Q. I have some questions about using an electric collar, can you help?
Hello Cindy,

First, thank you for the quality products and great DVDs you offer; we have purchased several items and have enjoyed everything we have bought. I have two questions pertaining to whining and digging. My GSD is not a big backyard digger, but he has seemed to find a few select locations where he likes to dig. We have not been able to catch him digging. Is this solvable with corrections or an E Collar? Can you recommend a solution?

Lastly, both of our dogs are compliant in their basic obedience, however, they both like to whine a little when they are put in Place or Down positions. Can you also recommend a solution? And again, thanks for your website, your products, and the service and advice you provide!


A. If you can't catch the dog digging without an ecollar on, the collar won't help solve this. Also, digging is a self rewarding behavior for dogs so you may be able to stop it when you are present but even getting a correction for it won't likely stop him from digging whenever he's not supervised and in the mood to dig. I actually put a sand pile in my backyard and encouraged the dogs to dig there, since I knew they were going to do it anyway. :)

Whining is a sign of anxiety, make sure you are never rewarding or releasing the dog when they are making any type of noise or you will have actually rewarded the whining as well. You can also search our website for ideas on curbing whining.

Cindy Rhodes

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