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Categories: Feeding a Raw Diet

Q. Is there any correlation between excessive panting and a raw diet?

My dog has been on a raw diet for?over a month now and I've noticed he's panting quite a bit.?I've searched the website and looked over the?books but haven't seen anything on this. Do you know of any correlation between excessive panting and raw? He seems healthy otherwise.

Otherwise, the diet has been a dream.?Earwax-gone, itching-greatly diminished, coat-like a puppy, I mean it is really noticable. Thank you for teaching me about raw?though Leerburg. I have already convinced a friend to switch from kibble.


A. Some foods are more “warming” than others. Chicken, venison and lamb are examples. If you are feeding a lot of either of those meats, maybe try using fish, rabbit or duck for a while (they are “cooling” foods)

Here is a link to some info, they specifically talk about panting.

Has your weather had a drastic change? 

Cindy Rhodes

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