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Categories: Health

Q. We were told to have our dogs stomach stapled to stop a potential torsion from strenuous training. What do you think?
Hello Mr. Frawley, Do you think that it is wise to have a stomach stapling or stabilization surgery done on Shepherds? We have completed one basic training class and will become another in the Spring. Our GSD (7 Mos) does very well. There seems to be a trend in this area to have this surgery done so that when the dog is worked hard their stomach does not "flip over" We have been told that if this happens it will kill the dog. Our vet thinks the surgery is foolishness, but quite frankly I trust your advice over the vet.

Thank you,
Mary Ann

A. My opinion is to have this done to a dog who has not had torsion would be criminal. I think a Vet that would do this to a dog who has no clinical signs of a problem should loose his Vet license. You are talking to some really dummies !!! I have owned GSD’s for over 40 years, bred 300 litters and being involved with working dogs since 1974. I have never had one dog with torsion. What does that tell you about these idiots? This question really should go on the dumb and dumber – not because you sent it but because of the advice you are getting from these people.
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