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Q. I think I got screwed by a breeder. She told me the parents of my dog had good hips and I now I have a pup with a bad hip. Should I expect my money back?
Ed, great site. I am writing to ask your opinion on my situation. I have a 10 month old female GSD, great temperament and drive. There is one serious problem.

She has severe dysplasia in her right hip. She is going to Iowa State College of Veterinary Medicine on Dec 12 for a total hip replacement. She has had numerous x rays and I agree with the doctors course of treatment. We had wanted to try the TPO procedure. However the hip was too bad to work with so Total Hip replacement is our only option.

Before I got the pup I asked the breeder if the parents hips were checked out (OFA), she said they were, but I did not force her to show me the hip scores. My Fault and I won't make that mistake in the future. After I found out she was dysplastic I called the breeder, she said she was very surprised. I asked her to fax me the hips scores, she said she doesn't keep them at home, that the paper work is in a safety deposit box. I told her to get the paper work and send it to me. Of course i never got anything.

I know she is full of shit. She said she would replace my dog, I don't want to trade my dog in for another one from her, I could end up with another dysplastic dog. I would like to get a refund but I am not sure that can happen. I don't feel small claims court is worth the trouble for the $650.00 I paid for her. In your experience could I pressure her give my money back, is small claims a realistic option. I have a contract that guarantees health, but wont pay for surgery or give me a refund on purchase price only an exchange. I know she lied about the hips being OFA certified. I will not exchange her, she is a member of family, my pet. I don't expect her to pay for treatment, but I feel she should refund the cost of the dog. If she doesn't refund my money then I would like to report her to whomever I can. Get my experiences out there on the web and let people know not to deal with her. She is located outside of Chicago, kennel is Highview Kennels her name is Rose Jeschke. Ever heard of her?

Yours thoughts would be appreciated.
Thanks, Dave

A. Never heard of her.

I doubt you will get money back. I do not refund money either - I give a replacement. If the hip on the pup is terrible I do not want the dog back (I just take the AKC papers and give them another dog.) If the hip is just not passable I take the dog and sell it as a pet without any papers.

The dogs from my kennel have 6 generations of OFA or German A stamped hips and you can still get a bad hip on a dog from my kennel. The parents being OFA certified does not guarantee good hips. In fact the SV in Germany (GSD Club of West Germany) has proven that BAD HIPS ARE ONLY 25 TO 30% GENETIC. The rest is environmental - over exercise at a young age, poor diet or over feeding. The American Vet industry is behind the ball on this issue.

So I cannot tell you what to do. If the dog is in pain then I would do something. What that is would be a personal issue.
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