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Categories: Health

Q. My wife feels that feeding tuna fish or canned salmon is bad for my dog. Is she right?
Hi Ed,

I have a 8 month old German Shepherd, I am currently feeding him dry Canidae dog food. I was mixing it with ground turkey. I started mixing it with can Tuna or can Salmon. My wife thinks that can tuna or salmon has too much sodium in it for the dog. I started draining the water out of the can, is the can tuna or salmon good for the dog? I am feeding my dog twice a day, when do I start feeding him once a day...he loves canned fish better then turkey. I could not go through with the all natural diet.

Thank you...Kevin

A. You are right and your wife is not.

The most important thing you can do for your dog is to give it a Vitamin E pill every day and Omega 3 every day. The Omega 3 needs to be there to get the full benefit of the Vitamin E.

I feel mackerel to my dogs at least once a week. I think that may be better than tuna and certainly cheaper than salmon – but the salmon oil is great for a dog. It’s the best source of Omega 3 you can find.
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Grizzly Salmon Oil
Grizzly Salmon Oil
I use this in my own kennel. My dogs love it. I have dogs that will spit a gell cap out. These same dogs love this salmon oil. It's an excellent all-natural source of Omega3 and Omega 6. It's easier than capsules for a puppy to swallow. Freezing of Salmon Oil is not recommended. Salmon Oil should be used within 3 months of opening a bottle.

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Natural Nutrition for Dogs and Cats
Natural Nutrition for Dogs and Cats
135 Pages | Softcover
If you love your dog, you need to read this book! It will change the way you view the health of your pet. I can tell you this from experience. Feeding commercial dog food since 1950's, I became more and more concerned about exactly what I was forcing my dogs to live on. When I did a little research, I became very critical of commercial dog food companies.


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