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Q. I found a tick that had fallen off my dog right after he showed some lameness. I was wondering if it could be Lymes? What do you think?
Mr Frawley,

It's been a while since I asked you for advice. Your e-mails, web site, and your DVD's helped me immensely in the past. I have a GSD from a working line about 1.5 years old now, doing great on a raw food diet. I live in NJ and hence I live in a lyme disease area. My dog is not vaccinated against lyme -- I use Frontline in the spring. I did not use it in the past few months, thinking season is probably over.

-I noticed he may have a slight limp couple days ago. I had contractors working in the yard building a new wall etc so thought maybe he hit himself on something... It seems to have gone away in about two days. He walks and runs fine now.
-I have been watching his appetite and playfulness since I was worried about lyme disease, and he has been just fine there as well.
-I found a gorged tick on the floor yesterday though. I suppose it fell from the dog...

So maybe he did have a "light" version of lyme disease? What do you think?

Again, he seems completely fine right now. His stool is normal, eats normal, wants to play etc.
I wanted to get your opinion before I go to the vet and have them make me believe I need to give him whole bunch of toxic stuff.

As always, thanks very much for any advice.


A. It sounds like this was a normal brown tick and not a deer tick. Deer ticks are very very small – the size of the head of a pin. Deer ticks pass Lymes but the normal large ticks do not. In addition a deer tick must be one you for over 24 hours before you can get Lymes and even then it takes time for symptoms.

We would NEVER give the vaccination for Lymes and we live right in the middle of one of the worst areas in the United States for Lymes. This is a terrible vaccination.
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