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Q. My 14 month old GSD favors a back leg after playing. The vet put her on Rimadyl. Is there another supplement that I can put her on that will help?
I have a 14 month old GSD that has been favoring one of its back legs after playing ball or running. I took the dog to the vet and they do not believe that is her hip they think it is her knee. Also, the one knees is bigger on the bad leg (it sticks out father then the normal leg) they gave me Rimadyl for 7 days she was fine while she was on it. I have read on your web site where you talk about the problems of Rimadyl and I am taking her to the vet tomorrow and don?t want to give her any more if they suggest it. She has been off it for about 3 days when she started limping again. Also, she is a little stiff when she first gets out of her crate. Do you have any suggestions? Also, what is the this Nu-vet supplement that a lot of breeders are pushing I know they get paid for everyone that they sign up, but is it any good and it seems a little high priced to me. Are there any other supplements that you recommend that are just as good?

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A. Did your vet take X-rays? It doesn’t sound like your vet really knows what is going on, is just guessing and prescribing a very dangerous medication. Did your vet run blood work before giving this medication to you? They should check your dog’s liver function before ever prescribing this stuff. This really bugs me when vets do this!

I would find a vet that is an orthopedic specialist, don’t waste your time with a regular vet on this. Without an accurate diagnosis it’s impossible to give advice on what to do next.

I have never heard of this supplement, so I don’t have an opinion on it. We feel very strongly about feeding a raw fresh diet and the supplementation we recommend is covered on our web site.

Read this article on feeding a raw diet. It’s a work in progress but there is a lot of good information there.

I would also recommend these books, Natural Nutrition for Dogs & Cats and Raw Dog Food.

You can also go to our Feeding Dogs Page for a list of articles and books that will be helpful to you.

Hope this helps.

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Natural Nutrition for Dogs and Cats
Natural Nutrition for Dogs and Cats
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If you love your dog, you need to read this book! It will change the way you view the health of your pet. I can tell you this from experience. Feeding commercial dog food since 1950's, I became more and more concerned about exactly what I was forcing my dogs to live on. When I did a little research, I became very critical of commercial dog food companies.


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