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Q&A on Marker Training
I want to work on commands becoming an immediate response. Any advise would be appreciated!
Is my dog obsessed with food because I have marker trained him? How can I teach him better food manners without quitting marker training?
How do you deal with an unpredictable dog than can nicely perform obedience exercises but in the next few minutes just runs away without saying 'good bye!'?
I am reviewing the marker training and don't quite understand it? I would appreciate it if you could tell me how to break it down into small steps.
I have a five year old German Shepherd. In competition he sniffs I can not break him from this. Have any hot tips?
I have a large male German Shel. He is not afraid of a gun shot, thunder, or most any sound but he hates a clicker. What do you think?
I just started using markers and have a ton of questions about teaching new behaviors, etc. Can you help me out?
Our Rottweiler pup is 6 months old. I don't feel we are developing the bond I want. Do I stop all formal commands, sit, down, stay and just begin marker training?
My dog is not very toy motivated, and I've been trying to teach him to fetch as a game to get him some more exercise. Do you have any suggestions?
When I switch to a random reinforcement schedule, will I still release my dog with the YES marker?
Will having a puppy follow a food lure into the sit, down, stand and heel kill the drive?

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