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Q&A on Marker Training
My dog has a lot of tug drive but always wants to grip really close to my fingers. How do I get him to grip lower on the toy without killing his drive?
Do you have any other work (podcasts, videos, etc.) that may apply to retriever training? You also mentioned a new DVD in the marker DVD.
My dog refuses to wear his collar. What do you suggest?
During training with my dog, I made commands that sound similar and wish to change them. How should I go about this?
My dog is very smart but has weak nerves. He is very nervous around strangers and any quick moves he reacts as if he is going into fight or flight mode. Any advice?
How would you use marker training in teaching the sit, down and stand during recall while being able to do this exercise from 50 yards away?
My dog is extremely sensitive to any correction. I'm reluctant to do serious training with him. Do you have any suggestions?
My dog has become handler aggressive from poor corrections. What can I do to fix this?
I am having the hardest time getting my pup to wear his collar. As soon as the collar goes on he lays in a corner and whines the entire time. Help!
Our neutered white GSD slipped on our stairs and is now afraid of them. What can we do to help?
My dog has developed a fear when traveling in the car. Is there a way to get to the root cause of the fear? How common is this behavior in dogs?
I noticed that the Marker DVD is similar to Balabanov's training style. Will they work together if I mix and match different parts ot the training methods?
Will the Marker DVD explain how to retrain an already trained dog? Will it give me the skills to break down new commands that I will face in the next step of AKC obedience trials?
I have a 4-month-old boxer. Is ‘Building Drive and Focus’ a good video for me to start with, or is that for people in police service work?
My GSD has been trained in advanced obedience and is well-mannered. Last year I have had a baby, now pregnant with my second. Any suggestions in helping him feel more fulfilled?
I have a 12 month old GSD that I can’t get to jump (into the back of the truck, etc). He is very smart and does everything that I ask of BUT just won’t jump. Any advice?
I have walked our dog down our long driveway for the past week. Now she will no longer walk to the end. Any suggestions?
What equipment to you suggest when training with markers?
I've started marking eye contact, but I'm unclear about when to switch from YES to the command. How do I know when to transition?
My dog has come a long way, but still growls when told to get off the couch, etc. What do you Suggest?

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