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A Well-Organized Leerburg Whelping Room

whelping room

This photo shows one of our Leerburg whelping rooms in the middle of a Malinois litter being born on 7-20-05. Here is a list of what you see in the photo.

What we have in our Whelping Room During the Birthing Process

  1. The room has ceramic tile on the floor and walls, to make for easy cleaning and disinfecting.

  2. The 4 ft by 5 ft whelping box has rails made from 1x6 board so the female cannot squish a puppy that gets behind her and up against the edge of the box

  3. The heating pad in the box replaces the need for a heat lamp. These pads are the best thing since sliced bread. We will never again use another heat lamp.You can read about them by clicking here.

  4. We keep 3 or 4 small terry cloth hand towels in the box to lay pups on. You can see one sitting on the heating bad. We get these from Sam's club. Once the litter is born we put thin indoor outdoor rugs that allow the pups to get better traction scooting around the box. We throw them away after the litter is weaned out of the box.

  5. There is a 2 foot divider wall in the middle of the room (the purpose is to keep the pups behind the wall when they get big enough to crawl out of the whelping box) There are plastic drop doors that are slid into rails on the back of the wall that are used once the pups can crawl out. This allows the mother to get away from the pups when she needs a break.

On Top of the Wall

Left to right in above photo

  1. Reading materials to pass the time: a Cell phone: hand towel ready to clean out the box or put under the pile of pups : A Flexi Lead ready to take female out for a walk during the birthing process - we will walk the Moms ALWAYS ON LEASH several times during the process. Usually after she has gone 2 hours without a pup. We always take hand towels with us when we walk the female - on more than one occasion we have had a mother give birth to a pup wile we walked her .

  2. You can see the two black knee pads on the ground waiting for me to kneel down and work with the mom or to get the pups on a nipple.

  3. A bucket of clean warm water with a little Dreft soap in it to wipe out the whelping box.

  4. A lawn chair.

  5. A stainless steel bowl with clean drinking water. We also keep cans of chicken broth and try and get our females to drink a couple of cans during the process and then every day after we will offer then 2 to 3 cans of beef or chicken broth a day. I get emails all the time from people wondering how to get their bitch to produce more milk after the pups are born. Part of the solution is to get them to drink a lot of liquid - the more liquid she drinks the more milk she produces.

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