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Dog Bites Articles

Written by
Ed Frawley
Emails about Dog Bites and Dog Attacks

WARNING: Graphic dog bite photos.

This is a compilation of photos and emails of people who've been bitten by dogs. The majority of them were bitten by their own dogs. Takes this page as lessons to learn. A dog bite is a serious injury.

Written by
Ed Frawley
How to Break up a Dog Fight without Getting Hurt

I have owned, trained and bred dogs for 45 years. I have trained protection dogs and police service dogs since 1974. If you have come to this page you have issues with aggressive dogs. In the mid 1990's I wrote this article on "How to Break Up A Dog Fight Without Getting Hurt" which you can read below. It has been reprinted (with my permission) in many different languages.

Written by
Ed Frawley
How to Deal with the Overly Aggressive Dog

I was recently asked what I would do if I were attacked by a dog. The question was not what should someone else do if they were attacked, but what would I do. Considering the recent death in San Francisco by Presa Canario I thought it an appropriate title for this article.

The first thing that people need to understand is that 99.99% of the dogs that attack and kill humans are dogs with weak nerves or extremely dominant dogs with no training. These are not trained dogs with solid temperaments that are killing people. But even so, I will address both kinds of dogs.

Written by
Ed Frawley
Should You Own a Personal Protection Dog? I say “NO”

I know that there are so called “Professional Dog Trainers” who offer protection dog’s or for a fee will claim to protection train a client’s dog. I am going to have to agree to disagree with these people.

It is unrealistic to expect a dog to determine when and who he can or cannot bite. It is also unrealistic to expect a child or even a young adult to be mature enough to command a dog to bite another person.

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