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Ring Sports Articles

Written by
Ed Frawley
My Dog Won't Out

If you are around bite work long enough, you will eventually see dogs that simply “will not” out. Nothing their handler does can persuade the dog to release, not prong collar corrections, not remote collar corrections.

We get emails from handlers of these kind of dogs on a regular basis asking “what can be done to fix this problem?” The majority of people who write have bought these dogs and are now seeing the problem.

Written by
Ed Frawley

The Mondioring dog sport is the most difficult dog sport in the world. If you've never seen a Mondioring competition, you can visit our Free Streaming Video section and watch Cindy in her 2nd place finish in the 2010 Mondioring One Championship.

You can also visit this website and see free streaming video of all the Mondioring 3 Competitors in the 2010 National Championship.

Written by
Cindy Rhodes
My First Mondioring Trial

For the last couple of years I’ve been dabbling in Mondioring training. I’ve been a slow convert over the last 5 years or so, after becoming disillusioned with some of the other competitive dog sports. I competed in AKC obedience and Schutzhund from the mid eighties to early 2000’s. I tried agility for a while, but had a hard time committing to a sport with no bitework. After moving to Wisconsin in 2003, I continued working my own dogs at home.

Written by
Germain Pauwels
The Exercises and Scores in the Belgium Ring

The following article was written by a friend of mine. Germain lives in Belgium and is a respected judge in the Belgium Ring Sport. The English is not 100% correct but you will be able to understand his meaning from this article. I have not edited the article in any way.

The program is subdivided in three groups. Every exercise is always different to carry out, depending on the judges fantasy.

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