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01/ How To Housebreak A Puppy or Older Dog

02/ The Problem with All-Positive Training

03/ My Dog is Dog Aggressive

04/ How to Fit a Prong Collar

05/ Introducing a New Dog into a Home with Other Dogs

Leerburg's Dog Training Podcasts

Podcasts can be listened to on a computer or you can download them and listen to them on an mp3 player. These podcasts cover a variety of topics that I've already written about in my dog training articles. Since not all people have the time to sit down and read these articles, I've created podcasts. All of these are free to download.

This is going to allow people to listen to training information as they drive or run or on any stereo that plays MP3 songs.

To download the podcasts and listen to them on a iPod or similar device, right click the name of the podcast and save it to your computer. Once it's on your computer, you can then add it to your device for convenient listening.

Apple iTunes and Leerburg

Our podcasts are listed on Apple iTunes Music Store. They can be found in the iTunes Podcast section. If you use iTunes, you can conveniently download and listen to our podcasts: Leerburg Dog Training Podcasts on iTunes.

  1. The Evolution of Training Aggressive Dogs with Remote Collars
    26 minutes
    This podcast is about the evolution of training methods used to control and/or eliminate dog aggression with remote collars.

    I bought my first electric collar in 1979. It was a Tri Tronics Pro 100 that cost $1,000.00. Today that collar is the model-T ford of e-collars. Just as remote collars have drastically improved over the years, so too have the methods used to apply them to our dog training. We are now able to use levels of stimulation in training that we humans can’t even feel.

    One of my favorite quotes is “When you know better, you do better.” This podcast is going to allow many people to do a better job training their dog aggressive dogs with electric collars.
  3. Ed Frawley's Philosophy of Training
    13 minutes
    This is a podcast of this written article Ed Frawley’s dog training philosophy after 45 years of dog training.
  5. Train Your Dog With Markers
    47 minutes
    Learning to train your dog with markers is the quickest way new dog trainers can gain timing and communication skills with their dogs. In my opinion the essence of marker training is that it teaches dogs to problem solve. It is also one of the best ways dog owners can build the bond between themselves and their dogs. This 47 minute podcast by Ed Frawley from Leerburg Kennel and Video takes you step by step through the basics of marker training dogs. This information can be used by pets owners and police k9 handlers. There is no limit to what a dog can be trained to do with markers.
  7. Theory of Motivation
    35 minutes
    One of the most important concepts that every new pet owner must learn, if they want to become an effective dog trainer, is how to motivate their dog to want to follow commands and participate in training.

    When people first begin to train their dog many confuse “rewarding their dog” with “motivating their dog”. While these two concepts are very close in nature there is a difference. The sooner a handler learns the subtleties of these differences the sooner they become effective trainers.

    Simply put motivating a dog means creating an environment where the dog has a desire to perform an exercise.

    When handlers learn the art of motivation they take there training one step further and create an atmosphere where the dog wants to learn. They create an atmosphere where their dog actively tries to figure out what it is that his owner is trying to teach him.

    This podcast will discuss the different ways to motivate a dog during training. You can also read and save this podcast as a free E-book on our web site at
  9. Learning to Use Food Rewards During Dog Training
    25 minutes
    This 25 minute podcast explores the methods to train your dog with food rewards. Training with food increases the dogs motivation to learn along with improving the bond between dog and handler.

    The average dog trainer does not know that using different kinds of food rewards can increase or decrease the motivation and drive of their dog during his training. This is why using different treats for different exercises is always a good idea.

    Some dogs, for one reason or another, don’t have a lot of food drive. I explain the work necessary to insure that every dog has food drive. I discuss the relationship between using high value meat rewards vs. using some of the many all-natural food rewards that we sell. I also explain what size of reward to use. Most people use too large of a food treat in their work.

    When I started dog training in the dark ages of the 1960’s very few people trained with food. Training has come light years since then. This podcast – soon to be a streaming video will help explain why.
  11. The Theory of Corrections in Dog Training
    1 hour, 20 minutes
    One of the most misunderstood areas of dog training, by beginners and so called professionals alike, is how and when to correct a dog. The lack of understanding of corrections is where many people get into trouble when they train their dogs.

    The wrong kind of correction, or a poorly timed correction, or even the lack of correction is what gets people in trouble. This podcast will explore the world of corrections in dog training.

    My hope is that by explaining the theory behind the various forms of corrections owners will become better educated and therefore better dog trainers. Through this podcast you will find that I am not a fan of forced training. But with this said, you will also learn that to ignore corrections during training or to use the wrong correction at the wrong time can actually set your training back and possibly destroy the bond between you and your dog.
  13. Who Can Pet My Puppy?
    9 minutes
    Why I don't allow strangers to pet my puppies and dogs. This is a podcast of an article I recently wrote that explains why we don't allow strangers to pet out puppies or our dogs.
  15. Training Puppies Not to Bite
    9 minutes
    This podcast teach's people how to deal with puppies that bite. When pet owners bring a cute little puppy home and it turns into an alligator, most people don't know what to do. This podcast explains why this is happening and offers several options to solve the problem. You can read the article on my website by clicking here.
  17. Introducing Dogs into Homes with Other Dogs
    19.5 minutes
    This podcasts teach's pet owners how to safely add a new dog into a home with existing dogs. It explains how to control pack behavior that enters the picture when new dogs are added to a multi dog home. The podcast is of my article of the same name.
  19. The Groundwork to Becoming Your Puppy's Pack Leader
    21 minutes
    This podcast explains how Ed Frawley from Leerburg Kennels raises puppies in his home. Ed has bred over 350 litters of German Shepherds in the last 30 years. This podcast explains how to develop a family pack structure that a puppy understands. It explains how to establish a relationship of trust and understanding between a puppy and a new owner. People who ignore pack structure when they raise pups are people who have dominant dogs with behavioral problems.
  21. The Groundwork to Becoming a Pack Leader Part 1
    25.5 minutes
    This podcast teaches how to establish a relationship with a new dog. It explains how to develop a bond and a working relationship with a new dog. This podcast was developed from the article I wrote of the same title. If you wish to read it, click here.
  23. Bottle Feeding New Born Puppies
    12.5 minutes
    This podcasts explains how to make your own puppy formula and then how to bottle feed new born pups. After breeding 350 litters of Germans Shepherds in the past 30 years, Ed Frawley at Leerburg Kennels has a lot of experience in this area.
  25. Training the PLACE COMMAND to your Family Pet
    18 minutes
    The place command is probably the second most important obedience command after the “come command.”

    New dog trainers often completely miss how important and usefulness the place command.

    They think training a dog to sit, lay down, come and stay are all the commands they need – when in fact being able to send your dog to HIS PLACE when guests knock at the door or when you are eating or watching TV or working on your computer will quickly become your favorite command.

    The concept of this command is to teach a dog that he has HIS PLACE – either a rug or a dog crate or a specific spot. When told to “go to your place” the dog must go to his spot, lay down and not move until he is given a release command.
  27. How to Break Up a Dog Fight Without Getting Hurt
    52 minutes
    Dog fights are violent, loud and dangerous events. I get emails every day on dog fights. As I wrote this description I got 2 emails. In one a family had two dogs . Their female GSD killed the dachshund last night. In the second email this family's dog was in a fight with a neighbors dog and did $1,400 damage.

    In the mid 1990's I write and article on How to Break Up A Dog Fight - that article is still on my web site. This 52 Minute article is an update of that article, this podcast goes into more detail on making the decision of even trying to step in an end a fight, it discusses many methods used to break up fights and it tells how to break upon a fight when you are alone. There is an extensive section on preventing dogs fights.

    Thc CD will play in any CD player. In addition to the 52 Mn dog fight podcast it also includes the FREE podcast listed above on HOW TO INTRODUCE A DOG INTO A HOME WITH OTHER DOGS. This CD is exactly like an audio book.

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