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The Use of Breaker Bars in Dog Fights

I have an article on my web site explaining a safer way (if there is a such a thing) to break up a dog fight without getting bit. This article was written from my experience breaking up fights between German Shepherds or other breeds of police service dogs.

Once or twice a month I get e-mails from Pitt bull owners telling me that I am way off base on my methods. They all recommend that I include information on the use of a breaker bar. This article contains information on that subject.

There are a couple of issues that need to be made before I get into this article.

  1. I like pit bulls as a breed. I have seen some great pits and if they did not have such a terrible reputation they would make excellent service dogs. Unfortunately I do not thing the public would accept them

  2. I think that people who train for, endorse, encourage or promote dog fights with Pitt bulls are nothing less than red neck ass holes. These people are the scum of the earth. They are pieces of shit. I do not often use this language on my web site but I want to make my views on these pukes very clear. I think people convicted of dog fights should spend many many many years in prison.

I do not agree with these people who say that all dog fights should be broken up with a breaker bar.

When pit bulls fight they grip the other dog and lock onto them.They have extremely powerful jaw pressure and in many cases are not aggressive to humans - although this is not always the case which is confirmed by the number of people that have been killed by this breed.

When you talk to pit fighters (and I get this from their e-mails) they recommend standing over the dog, (with it between their legs) and using the breaker bar the way you see it being used in the photo below.

It would be a serious mistake to try this maneuver if you were trying to break up GSD’s or for that matter most other breeds. When dogs that are not trained to fight get into a serious dog fight they really get strung out. When they are pulled apart most will turn and try and attack the person that has just pulled them out of or away from the fight.They do this instinctually. That’s how many people get bit.

So with that in mind, if you put a dog between your legs and plan on using a breaker bar - you had better be ready to go to war with your dog when he releases (or is released) from the jaws of another dog.

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