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Directory of Information for Dogs & Kids

I am providing this page to help new visitors to my web site find where to go to learn more about dogs getting along with kids.

Our website is over 5,000 pages and has a list of over 300 training articles.

Our web discussion board has over 70,000 posts in its archives and can be a great source of information. I have created a web page to teach people how to search the archives to find information. (click here to learn more)

I have produced 2 videos that have sections on dogs and kids or dogs and babies.

  1. Your Puppy 8 Weeks to 8 Months has a section called "Puppies and Children" that explains how a child should treat a puppy, and how to deal with the puppy's prey drive and children.
  2. Basic Dog Obedience covers babies and older dogs as well as how to have a child handle an older dog.

Our Leerburg Dog Training Articles
I have written the following articles and provided links to help people navigate to find the information they need. These articles and the Question and Answer catagories that follow will help you produce a happy, healthy, and safe companion.

The Question and Answer page can be found at http://www/ Some catagories include:

Dog Training Equipment that Leerburg Carries:

Dogs to Diapers DVD

The family dog is often not properly prepared for the arrival of a newborn resulting in the dog becoming isolated or rehomed.

Carrie Silva Wooddell, a professional dog trainer with over ten years of experience, teaches families how to better understand their dog and demonstrates how to prepare and introduce their dog to their new baby.

In recent years, the number of child dog bites has risen. Keep your baby safe by learning the warning signs to watch for when your dog is around your baby.

Not only does Carrie offer the perspective of an accredited dog trainer but this video follows her personal journey from being pregnant and sharing the same concerns as many first time moms who love their dogs.

CLICK HERE to visit the product page for this DVD and for purchasing options

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Prong Collar Leash Kit Prong Collar Leash Kit
$69.50 - $79.55
$63.94 - $73.19

Educator ET300 Mini Remote Dog Trainer Educator ET300 Mini Remote Dog Trainer
$199.99 - $329.99
$179.99 - $289.99

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