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Plato Dog Treats

Posted: 01-01-2008 • Length: 2 Minutes, 2 Seconds
Categories: Food
Plato Smart Treats was founded by pet owners, for pets. Since our pets are considered members of our families, their health is just as important as our own. With that in mind, the manufacturers at Plato became frustrated by treats containing low quality by-products, fillers, and artificial ingredients. In creating Plato Smart Treats their goal was to provide a smart, healthy alternative to the highly processed, artificially flavored treats currently on the market. In doing so, they decided to only use the finest ingredients that assist in your pet's nutritional needs, with a taste that'll have their tails wagging!

Plato Smart Dog Treat Strips are made from over 90% salmon, duck, or organic chicken. All natural ingredients, fortified with antioxidant vitamins, proteinated zinc, and glucosamine. No artificial colors, flavors, synthetic preservatives or genetically modified organisms.

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