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Ed Frawley Sits Down with Mark Keating

Posted: 08-05-2013 • Length: 44 Minutes, 26 Seconds
Categories: Mark Keating
Ed Frawley and Mark Keating have a combined 60+ years of dog training experience. Check out this video where they had a chance to sit down and discuss some of these experiences. They talk about everything from traveling to Europe in the 80's to watching dog shows to Mark Keating's musical influence to his dog training. This is a great interview. We had a ton of fun sitting down with Mark and hope you have as much fun listening to the candid conversation of 2 dog trainers discussing their experiences over the years.

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5/5 stars

Excellent and enjoyable interview to listen to. You both are so interesting as you have so much experience in dog training. I live in Australia and wish we had the dog sports that you have, French Ring, Mondio, etc. Maybe one day we will but we have a problem of having access to good trainers. The online courses you speak about will be another good opportunity for us in Australia to learn more and would be the next step in helping us to progress in our dog training. I use the Leerburg DVDs and hope one day to visit your country and train with a good trainer. Thanks again, very interesting interview to listen to.

5/5 stars

I enjoyed the video conversation having owned German Shepherds I never really gave much thought about the smaller dog breeds. After listening to Mark explain to Ed the nuances of the miniature poodle I have gained a better perspective. To Ed's point at the end of the conversation, video and online info is an excellent resource. Take it from a guy who never trained a dog in his life at least not knowingly; when I brought my last dog home I purchased several videos from Leerburg in order to do some basic training and the results were excellent. I'm contemplating going a little bit further than the basics with my next dog with the added help of some video instruction of course.


Bob Henderson

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