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Leerburg's Relationship Games - A New DVD Available Fall 2013

Posted: 09-23-2013 • Length: 1 Minute, 49 Seconds
Categories: Basic Obedience, Management, Mark Keating, Socialization
For several years now, Leerburg has been gathering ideas and creating the outline for a DVD titled Leerburg Relationship Games. The concept has finally gone from paper to film. Last week we began the production on the DVD. The video above is a sneak preview. Mark Keating talks about a few of the things we plan on incorporating in our video.

The DVD will teach people fun and easy motivational games to play with their dog. These games not only improve the relationship between the handler and dog, they also have a practical value in our day to day interaction with our dogs. Our goal is to make training fun and interesting. The DVD will cover 8 games. It will be released in time for the holidays. The release date will be announced in our newsletter.

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5/5 stars

Great course! All games so funny and useful. I am practicing all of them regularly and going back to the course and watching and reading again. I found it wonderful to be able to send videos and receive feedback. Like this I learned much more than only watching a DVD, although I love the DVDs too.

Congrats from all my heart, it was so important for me. I am absolutely convinced about this course, so that I am going to take it a second time with one of my other dogs.


5/5 stars

I can not wait for this video, as I am becoming addicted to all of your training videos lol. Can we pre order these?

5/5 stars

Looking forward to this video! Can this be pre-ordered?
We had a GSD who loved hide-n-seek, until I made the game a bit to difficult. When she couldn't find the prize, she went back to the starting place, and refused to play again. Ever! She was a wonderful friend and companion, with loads of personality!

5/5 stars

Brilliant idea...I am so pleased that Leerburg is opening doors to everyday dog owners, as they need help too, everyone needs to learn about building relationships and having fun when training. The everyday person seems to see training their dog as a chore rather than a game, fun times to share with their pet and her at Dog Logics we work really hard at showing people that training is not only very important but it can be a great way to enjoy some time out. Can't wait to see your DVDs.

5/5 stars

Looks like fun! I'll be looking forward to the release of this video!

5/5 stars

Looking forward to these DVDs on Relationship Games. We have a lot of the Michael Ellis and other training DVDs which have been very helpful to us in working with our dogs. However, we aren't involved in competition and are looking forward to some ideas for activities we can do with our dogs to keep up the training we have done and improve it without competing. Thanks so much for thinking of us pet owners!

5/5 stars

I am thrilled to see these videos come out! I have two female GSDs that are very driven and want to be working all the time. I was looking for some fun "games" to play with them that would fulfill the drive issue but let us have fun playing together as well. I am going to add these DVDs to a book I have seen on your website - probably won't get the title exactly right - Fun Nosework - I think this will be just the thing I have been looking for! Thanks Leerburg!