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Puppies that Bite

Posted: 01-01-2008 • Length: 11 Minutes, 34 Seconds
Categories: Behavioral Problems, Puppies
One of the most common topics of emails we get from people with puppy problems concern mouthy puppies, puppies that people think are aggressive, when in fact they are not.

This short video will help educate you on this issue and teach one method of how to control the pup that bites.

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5/5 stars

Awesome video... I have been forced to do this with our dog a now 16 month old GSD we rescued when he was 10 months, but I wasn't smart enough to remain calm. I know when he gets wound up, I yell for him to Sit, or Heel... and he will do so, but his ears are still flat on the side of his head. My son was amazed that he would snap to the command from a wild state of mind, but after he does something wrong (and I have never struck him, he is my best friends, I raised four kids and never beat them either, that never works) with my kids that never wanted to let their mother or me down, I know Dogs don't think that way, but after Turk as yelled at and put into a Heel, or Sit from acting a little crazy.. he seems to walk around behind my wife or me with his head down, like he is ashamed of what happened. We normally pet him and let him know we love him, and it picks him up, but we are wondering if maybe we should let him stay in that state for a little bit, until he comes out on his own.

4/5 stars

My four month old GSD pup can not be picked up to immobilize but I can sit her down, hold her muzzle between my hands and talk to her. Sometimes this works for a few minutes but then we are right back where we started. So now what? Put pup in crate?

3/5 stars

I'm with Mr Rodgers on this one. I really need a video on a little older pup that bites. PLEASE!

3/5 stars

Immobilization works for a very small puppy like the one shown. However, we are fostering a Belgian Malinois for the military, and she is really too big at 13 weeks to easily pick up and immobilize as shown. We are supposed to increase our foster puppy's prey drive with toys. However, sometimes she gets carried away or misses the target which is painful now and will draw some blood in a month or so. I liked the discussion of not allowing what is "cute" now to be permitted because that same behavior will mostly likely become a serious problem when the dog is 6-7 months old. I'd like some techniques to use on these puppies as they get bigger that will control aggression without lessening the prey drive they will need as MWDs.