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Managing Your Dog

Posted: 10-31-2013 • Length: 6 Minutes, 13 Seconds
Categories: Management
This short video explains the difference between managing your dog vs obedience training your dog vs socializing your dog. We get many emails every day from new dog owners who have behavioral problems with their dogs. These owners believe that obedience training will solve their behavioral problems when in fact they need better management and/or a better method of socializing their dog.

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5/5 stars


5/5 stars

Giving a dog too much freedom before they are ready for it. That's a golden nugget right there.

It's taken me so many years to get to understand this statement.I have gone back to the foundation /basics.

5/5 stars

I am SOOO excited I found these videos and articles. I wish I had found them years ago, but like I read in one of the articles somewhere "it's NEVER too late," just when my hubby is ready to give up and get rid of "my baby." We have done sooo many things wrong and the old school way. But just realizing the difference between management, obedience and socialization (which I had that one off too) has been so eye opening. Thank you sooo much for sharing these. I have 6 dogs I need to have on leashes or in crates starting today - I think I'll leave 2 of them outside and switch off. This is going to be a VERY LONG journey, but I am very excited and hopeful... :)

5/5 stars

This makes sooooo much sense! I put my dogs in the back room if they do behave when strangers are around. They have come to know that when I say get in the back they go right there. But I still need to work on the stay back and sit down and wait to greet the guests part. I'm going to learn so much from you! Thanks!

5/5 stars

An excellent video to explain management vs. obedience vs. socialization. The three are different and he explains them well. I had the wrong idea about 'socialization' and he made it clear how it should be done. I learned that obedience training classes using marker and reward (also called 'click and treat') are helpful in management! A dog that is learning 'leave it' of food, toys, other dogs, or people is focusing his attention on the handler's commands and being rewarded by the handler. 'Leave it' of a dropped pill on the floor may save the dog's life, and that is management of access to a dropped pill. So the obedience training can overlap with and benefit management. In obedience class, the dog learns that good things happen when strangers are close, but not because strangers are petting or feeding the dog. My dog is learning that following me is rewarding and that there is no need to be concerned about another dog or a person in the training area.

5/5 stars

This all makes perfect sense. I wish I knew about you back when I had my Old English Sheepdog in the late 1980's, we thought he was a very bad dog but now I realize that we were bad owners. Leash control would have really paid off with Eyor. Leash control is the FIRST thing people should be taught when buying a puppy/dog. Bad puppies/dogs are a product of bad parents/owners. Our GSD is 19 months old and we only just began allowing her to be loose while we leave the house, first we tried on a trial basis and still to date we've not had one problem. I really appreciate these learning videos, they are VERY informative. They help us keep in check with our pets and help us to be better/responsible owners. Thank you!

5/5 stars

I like! Makes complete sense! Everyone needs to put on their listening ears for the sake of having a good dog! I am a novice trainer and have learned more at Leerburg than other sources. I love all the training DVDs but you have to listen and practice.

5/5 stars

What I like about the management aspect is particularly on walks. You are keeping yourself aware of the surroundings. Not only does the dog's safety benefit, yours does as well.

I work midnights and take my dog for a good walk around 5-5:30 am. I enjoy the quiet time, and I think he does too. There is just a few intrepid souls out there at that time.

5/5 stars

I thank you for sharing, I have a Belgium Malini and a Bull Mastiff and I am always looking for great advice and tips.

5/5 stars

Management! This is a verrrry important topic! I really like the way you've distinguished it from training and socialization!! It is very clear you have the process of raising dogs figured out very well while keeping it clear that much depends on several things... the dog's and owner's temperament, environment, and that each dog and person progress at different rates, etc!! I like these mini lessons, I've learned, and I've also found out that I've done many things 'just about right'. I never stop learning. I am happy to report to you I have one of your puppies from a 3-23-04 litter and she's been my best teacher. We've been through many classes together, have acquired a Rally Ex title, she is Therapy Dog certified, and now we are taking on Agility - at 9 yrs old!!! (and I won't tell my age). She's become a real sweetheart! Take care and again I really like these mini videos.

5/5 stars

Awesome advice! So many people bring a new dog into their home and allow their dogs to engage in negative activity by not managing their dog properly on leash. Then they often go about blaming the dog for the bad habits the dog has engaged in. They miss the whole concept of building on positives. What a great rule to go by: If your dog will not follow commands while being loose in the house, he is not ready to be off leash in the house yet. That says it all! Thanks for the great instructional video clips you provide to the public for free. We love you guys!!!

5/5 stars

This is an exceptionally well-informed and educating video. It is so great to hear Ed talk clearly about management and what it means, what it entails, and what it does. Soooo many people need to view this video and share it with their friends. This video really puts the whole "nothing in life is free" thing in perspective for new dog owners.